8 Months with a Dumbphone – here are the changes it taught me to make

You heard me. I had a dinosaur for the last 8 months.

Texting was a pain, after getting used to swype, but it did have a keypad. I had no internet. I had no apps. I had calls and texting.  That was it.

After an unfortunate accident, my dumbphone has become Nearly Headless, so I’m replacing it with a smartphone. But it changed my outlook, and I loved a stress and distraction free phone.

So what changes did it inspire me to make? After living 8 months without that weird addiction, temptation, distraction… I’m going to use my smartphone very differently. And the changes aren’t what I would have expected 8 months ago.

  • I’m installing messenger and making sure I never log into facebook on my phone google. This way I get contacted if people are trying to reach me… and I don’t waste mindless hours scrolling.
  • I’m installing Etsy and Twitter… for business. I plan to spend plenty of time tweeting as a writer and for my upcoming etsy shop. (shh!) I plan to put them both to use as work, not leisure. I want fewer apps, and I want the emphasis to be on accomplishing useful things, not entertainment.
  • I’m keeping my email notifications on. Same reason, business and communication.
  • I’m turning my phone off every night at 5. This is not practical for some people, or all situations, but everything else can wait. The noise shuts down at 5. My work day is over. Same thing, if I’m writing or reading or doing anything that takes focus, the phone will go off until I’m done. People only get to contact me when I’m taking contact.

I’m excited to have my fun apps (yes, I am going to have pinterest and cube escape games again!) but I’m most excited about having the freedom a smartphone offers without the stupid I-don’t-know-how-to-put-this-down thing. I learned how to put the thing down. And I’m excited.


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