The Great Kitty Rescue

Is that… meowing?

Last week at work, I moved through the plant room, wondering what that weird chirping sound was.

“Have you seen the kittens?” my coworker asked.


Just behind the door, in the garage behind our plant room, three feral kittens had been born and were mewling for their mother. Jonathan, on hearing that one of his life’s great loves (cats) was an easy walk from the office, joined me in meeting them.

There were two black ones and a gray one. All were dirty and mussed. The gray one was too shy to come close, but one of the black ones promptly climbed up my pants leg, sat on my knee, and tried to nurse at my thumb. It only took a few minutes for their cuteness to become pathetic, as we realized that their mother was either gone or not doing her job.

Adorable as it was that a pack of landscapers, burly and taciturn and grizzled, had set out water and food for the kittens, their love could only go so far. They weren’t about to get on all fours and clean the kittens with their tongues. And the kittens were already dirty enough that one, the friendly black one, had an infected neck: we later learned from wolf worm, which is a disgusting infection caused by fly eggs being laid in the kitten’s flesh.

Jonathan hiked off to see how soon they were getting taken to the Humane Society, since the black one at least obviously needed it. The next day he texted me and said he was taking them in around 2.


I joined a flock of kitten enthusiasts who’d gathered in the garage to see them off. We caught the black two no problem, but the gray one hid and refused to come out from behind a maze of boxes and shelving. We finally got him to emerge by letting his siblings back out, and with a soft scoop, Jonathan got him into the box.




Look at those tiny faces.

The landscapers were not thrilled when they learned their adopted children were being taken away, and they tried to convince us that the kittens were fine. I felt a little bit like a social worker.

We took them in to the Ozaukee Humane Society, where, if all went well for them, they still are. The gray one and friendly black one were boys, and the other black one was a girl. They are looking for someone to love forever, so if you’re in need of a cat…20170809_142629 (1)




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