Red Lipstick

I have a lipstick tube, now. I must be an adult. It’s dark, dark red and I love it.

I thought of calling it “vicious trollop” (Gilmore Girls) but “blood of my enemies” is more my favorite.

When I wear my vicious trollop blood of my enemies lipstick, I neither feel like a hussy (look at all this old fashioned slang) nor a bloodthirsty viking. I feel confident.

I’m by nature a ludicrously sweet person. This has bothered me, since people tend to not take your brain, wit, or power seriously when you seem like Snow White. (Hopefully I’m not that bad.) I’m like a cross between Joy from Inside Out and Rapunzel from Tangled. I’ve embraced my sweetness lately, but I love the reaction I get from people when I’m wearing lipstick.

They say dimension is contradiction. That’s one of my favorite writing terms, and I believe it. When a character is both one thing (a cocky vampire) and its opposite (vulnerable and in love) we find character depth. The more contradiction, the more dimension. (No I did not just reference Buffy. What are you talking about. SHH.)

Well, me in lipstick is me with character depth. Because sweet and innocent/ and confident lipstick seem like a contradiction. So I get cool reactions from people. I become something unexpected. And I like what I see in them. It’s like I’m telling a tiny, tiny story just by being a contradiction, like I’m getting tiny I’m-a-writer reactions from people in the coffee shop. I created something puzzling, made my character more visible by displaying two sides of it at once. There’s writing and revelation all around us, even in something as ridiculous as lipstick.



One thought on “Red Lipstick

  1. Carol J Forrester says:

    Lipstick can be a powerful thing for self-confidence. I know I love my red lippy, partly because it looks amazing and partly because it’s the most durable lipstick I own. Eating/drinking does not faze that bad boy. It can be a bit smudgy if you touch your lips though. It’s weird that way.


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