Does My Head Look Big in This? the novel

Can you guess what this book is about? It’s about sixteen year old Australian Muslim Amal deciding to wear the hijab full-time.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. If you like Australian accents, I highly recommend the audiobook. (Because who doesn’t want to listen to Australian accents for nine hours?)

The book was funny,  Amal was relatable, and it debunked so many lies about the Muslim community. The book made me realize that I have more in common with Muslims than I do with a lot of people: even some of my “Christian” peers. According to Amal’s journey, Muslim young women get it. That God matters. That we make weird sacrifices. That we don’t have sex before we’re married. That it’s worth it. Instead of whispering about how Islam is an abomination and these girls are brainwashed (haha… I don’t know anyone like that… kidding… I do… ) we can grin and find common ground. If you’re looking for a way to be more understanding in this era of walls, Does My Head Look Big in This? is a wonderful place to start.


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