Curse of the Nailpolish

So… I’m twenty-three years old and I’ve still never gotten my nails right.

I see girls with excellently painted nails. Smooth. Even. Professional looking. And I just shake my head and laugh and think,

When am I ever going to be able to figure that out?

Because my nails always, always, always smear or rub or buckle or slob all over. Part of it is impatience. Part of it is a distinct lack of skill. But mostly, I think it’s just me.

Today I decided I was done being frustrated with my imperfection in the polish department and just roll with it. Because at the end of the day I think “tom-girl” nails are just a me thing. I have embraced it as a quirk of my nature. Maybe someday I’ll accidentally have a flawless polish, but hey… if I’m an impatient artist adventurer who just slathers color on and runs… I’m okay with that. I like you, me. With all your crazies.


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