Finding Me

I do everything the way I’m supposed to.

The way I think I’m supposed to.

And then I started thinking… how I do I do that thing?

Not, what’s the best way to act in an interview?

What’s the best thing to say to a friend when you disagree?

What’s the best way to act to a grumpy cashier?

What’s the best way to sound on the phone?

But just… how do I respond to those situations?

A few of those things, let’s be honest, I suck at. If you want me to brighten your day with cheer and lively conversation at the cash register, you only have a 10% chance of me being in an extroverted state. I used to feel so guilty about that. I remember feeling terrible when my Mom passed on the bus driver’s comment that I was cold and arrogant (in contrast to my gregarious twin). I tried for years after that to be peppy and charming to everyone. Years. And then one day it hit me…

I’m introverted. I’m sweet and very very shy. 

And that’s okay.

You end up with a curmudgeonly soul if you try to live as someone else. Being kind is always important. But to be kind the way you are kind… that’s what I’ve been missing.

I have a whole world full of phone calls and job interviews to explore as the real Margaret Wells. Booyah.



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