Celebrity Deaths

Last night I watched a Dick van Dyke show episode, and I thought of Mary Tyler Moore.

I loved Carrie Fischer and Alan Rickman and everyone else we lost in 2016, and it looks like the pattern of celebrity deaths will continue.

Contrary to internet hysteria, we are not undergoing a curse. Evil hasn’t shown up to plague us and take our heroes away. Death is a normal part of life between the ages of 60 and 90, and while disease has claimed some, disease is normal too.

Our problem isn’t that more celebrities are dying. Our problem is that we just have more celebrities.

After the 1940s, there started to be more celebrity categories. Back then only politicians and the occasional movie star were hailed as famous. Now we have musicians, tv stars, film stars, astronauts, entrepreneurs, comedians, novelists, and sports stars in dozens of categories. We have more celebrities. A lot more celebrities. And we’ve hit the point now where a lot of them are moving on.

Unfortunately, this is going to keep happening. But we’re not experiencing an epidemic; we’re just seeing life happen. Think about the difference between who was famous in the 40s and the 60s. The number of celebrities exploded. The baby boomers are passing, and this is just going to be normal now.

It makes it a little easier, I think- don’t you? I’ve shed tears for those whose art has blessed my life deeply, but it’s also good to know that life goes on.



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