Review of Recent Films/Shows

WOW. I feel like I’m drowning in incredible films. I’d like to put down a sentence or two for each one,and while I might sound like a fan girl jumping up and down (because I am), sift through my Leslie Knope EVERYTHING IS AMAZING reaction if you need to.


LA LA LAND – I cried in the car telling Jonathan about the ending. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a film so perfect. It was art.

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM – This. This was the stuff. I’m in love with The Harry Potter books but, despite near-perfect casting the movies are always missing the soul for me. They’re hollow, if mostly well done adaptations. This had the soul. This was a JK Rowling story in pure form. The actors weren’t actors; they were characters. It was a step beyond impeccable casting. I’m on my tiptoes waiting for more.

MOANA – Possibly the most empowering “disney princess” movie they will ever make. I was floored. Its message is deep, it’s glowingly, authentically feminist (and beats nothing over your head.) I loved the climax and its symbolism.

HIDDEN FIGURES – GO SEE IT. Well structured, triumphant, and very feel-good.So empowering to we of the “you stink at math because you’re a girl” sex. One of the most powerful race stories I’ve seen, without a touch of over-sentiment.

ROGUE ONE- I had a lot of trouble with this movie until the climax, because my expectations were off. I was expecting a character driven story, and there were too many dramatic deaths and not enough protgaonist-empathy. Once the climax rolled around and I realized I was watching a war movie, I really enjoyed it. Still… we could have lived without a lot of those lines.

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS – What. What. What. You’ve all been wondering if your dear series has been properly represented. Jonathan and I have started calling this the Neil Patrick Harris show because… he’s the best. The series is, by nature, actually depressing. So I can’t say it’s all fun. But the set, casting, and episode structure is great. It’s uproariously funny. Kronk as Lemony Snicket is heavenly. I can’t wait to watch Dr. Horrible continue to be weird characters.

ARRIVAL- I feel like this movie got shoved under the rug during the implosion of great art. (I heard nothing about it. Nada.) This movie was mind-blowing, and while this blog is full of hyperbole, I do mean mind-blowing. You have to think about it for twenty minutes afterwards to recover. It was a wonderful blend of sci-fi and philosophy, although Jonathan pointed out that true sci-fi is philosophy: asking what it means to be human.



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