Wait, That Was a Real Word!

Disney movies are a bizarre experience.

If you were like me and my twin, you watched them ad nauseam growing up. No library trip ended without a VHS of a Disney classic. Which we would probably watch multiple times before we returned it. (One week we watched Oliver and Company every single day.) We were young enough that the stories never got flat, never felt boring. The sounds and colors and shapes became a familiar thing. They took on their own flavor and impression that stayed with me as a kid.

Last week I had the fun of watching The Aristocats with adult friends. What an experience! It was the same movie. Those same shapes, sounds, and colors. But now they were different. Now the lines made sense! Whole sentences that I’d just ignored growing up now were hilarious, witty. I’d missed half the quips. I’d missed how charming and true to life, and sometimes humorously suggestive the flirting between Thomas and Duchess was. The screenplay was remarkably clever.

I noticed how 60s it was. The music! The alley cats, down to how Disney was subtly being inclusive towards the civil rights movement by honoring jazz, but still blatantly racist to Asians. (ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s.) It was the same movie I’d seen over and over, the lines I quoted growing up were just the same, but it was also new.

I guess the moral of this story is, the older you get, the more there is to life. Also, Disney movies.



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