Trump, Misogyny, and Me

The day of the election, I was walking downtown, and a man started following me.

“Young lady! Are you going to vote?”

“I already voted,” I said.

Assuming, based on my age and gender, that I voted for Hillary, he began to rant at me. I walked as fast as I could, laughing off his weirdness, so I missed most of his sentences and remember only fragments, but I remember distinctly, “Women will never be in power! You’ll never be in power!”

It was the first time I’d met a true misogynist, and it was very scary.


We all have a lot of thoughts after the election. A good many of the people I trust and love, people who are not racist, misogynist, or hateful, voted for Trump. I disagree with that decision. I also know that they are not monsters and should not be painted as such. They made that decision in good faith. I love them. I always will.

Still, a blow has been struck. Our country now reflects ideals that make me shudder, because the man who reflects us has poor integrity when it comes to women or race. I’m pro-life. I’m pro-LIFE. And a lot of American lives feel very betrayed.

I’m writing this blog not to take a stance on politics or rant. (The Good Lord knows we’ve all had enough of that.) This is merely a lead-up to say:

I’ve got your back.

Women. Minorities. Allegedly, Aristotle said, “Give me the story-tellers and within a generation I will control the culture.” I am a story teller. If we have anything on earth that’s close to real magic, story-telling is it. And I will devote my magic, every word of it, to giving you a voice and making sure your story is told. I will create understanding where there is none. I am committed to you, 100%, no matter what.

Just wanted you to know. Love you guys. You’re not alone.



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