Tired of Being Entitled

I’m very entitled in my relationship with God– He’s my Dad, right? So a good Dad gives me only good things! God OWES me attention and gifts of love.

Yeah, He does give those things, and he also gives me the good gift of discipline.

Recently I had the privilege of hanging out with some kids… who were painfully spoiled. They’re cute, I thought. They’re so small! And after half an hour with dictator for life Pipsqueak, who trampled all over the feelings of anyone present with all of the graciousness of a hurricane, I was flinchingly reminded of a young woman I once met: a blabber mouth who raved of her accomplishments, tossed her pretty head, and told her younger brother with a wave of the hand that he didn’t matter–in public.

It was her– just three feet high.

The pain of seeing a child who is never disciplined is excruciating. Pampering love creates monsters. And as I submitted to the squalling demands of this minuscule monarch, I developed a deep distaste for lack of discipline.

Discipline is something that, as an adult, I pretend I don’t see the point of. Why should God discipline me? I’m not in diapers anymore. I’m leading the charge. I’m grown up, now. Why would a good Dad tell me no, give me a time out to think about what I’ve done, warn and discipline me when I smack my sibling on the head?

Yeah, I really, really want him to.

I’m just going to face it–I’m spoiled. I’m lazy. I think it’s all about my feelings, when in reality, it’s about other people. I need a Dad to show me that’s true and continue to discipline me until I glow with selflessness. It’s both the good and the bad in life that are gifts from his hand–he doesn’t pamper, he creates warriors.





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