Moonlight Rhythm and Revels

The story began for me last year in a chilly, quiet corner of the downtown library.


I was researching for a historical fundraiser: A St Regis Wedding. Trying to find articles about the family who owned The St Regis House, I stumbled across an article detailing an extravagant party that they held in 1916. Today I’ve gone back in time to see it come to life.


Morning Star Productions is recreating the event, one hundred years later, in the exact same backyard. Dances, food, opera singers, strings of colored electrical lights, and the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet (performed by two girls, courtesy of twin and I) are all being remade, just as they’re described in the hundred-year-old article. I’m speechless. Gliding about like a ghost in my Juliet gown, I feel like the Doctor plopped me back in time, and here I am—seeing sights I would have dreamed of seeing. The lake in the distance, the lanterns and colored lights, the St Regis chateau itself… as the article said, “it was transformed into fairyland.”


If you’re in Milwaukee, don’t miss this event!




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