One Beautiful Thing

This is the thing.

You have a dream. You have beauty, strength to offer the world.

People are going to think you’re nothing worth note. They’ll trash talk you. If you display the art of your soul, in whatever form, it will be looked down on.

Other people are going to be touched to their core, as long as what you do is real.

You’re probably not going to be the all time genius of whatever it is you want to do. You’ll be fine, with sparks of heaven intermingled with your honest best. Nothing worth note, except…

Take a look at the world around you. Slow down. Breathe. Take it in. This is what we’re all dealing with. Break-ups and corpses and the empty hunger of souls.

And don’t you think they need you? Because they do.

One more beautiful thing. One beautiful thing. The world needs you. To restore the balance, to tip dark back to the losing side. To give someone, somewhere, something to hold onto.

It doesn’t matter if you “succeed”. It’s okay if the art that you wished would be famous never reaches more than five hundred hearts. You haven’t failed. You lose when you refuse to give, when you refuse to offer the gift that you have to a world that desperately needs more light.

Don’t be so selfish as to need your ego stroked. Just give. Be less than perfect and be unashamed. The world needs that, too. Just be. Just be something beautiful.

We need more hope, more of what is good.


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