Wherein I Get Married in 1919, Part 1

St Regis

Yesterday I ambled down the lane like a crazy person, holding my laptop open and muttering to it.

As people passed me and looked at me askew, I reveled in the cause of my temporary lunacy. There’s a certain celebrity feeling that comes with being weird for a valid reason. While I’m sure I looked puzzling to the average lawn mower, I was running lines for a theatrical production I’ll be in this weekend.

The play is called “St Regis Wedding.” It’s a fundraiser for Morning Star Productions, a Milwaukee theater, and it takes place in a fully decorated 1919 lakeside chateau. When I say castle, I’m not kidding. It’s furnished authentically and decorated for a 1919 wedding, and I’m lucky enough to be playing the bride.

The play is a half hour long, and it takes place through the rooms of the house, as guests tour and follow the actors to experience the story. Ruth is marrying her fiance Charles that afternoon, who is returning from World War I on a boat that day. Suddenly, news that he’s both been court marshaled and given a medal arrives, and Ruth’s family wants to call off the wedding. I won’t give any more away (until my next blog post where I will perhaps recount the adventures of this fine theatrical romp) but it’s a sweet and complex story. I feel like I’m on the set of Downton Abbey.

Pictures, tales, and the charming conclusion to follow in Part 2!


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