Chance, by Chanel

I was passing through Boston Store a few days ago, and I saw this ad.

Look at this ad. Notice anything unusual?

Well, for one, she’s not naked. She’s not seducing a man, and she isn’t wrapped around the perfume bottle in some kind of weird hug.

Most perfume ads, Chanel ads, even ads for this same perfume have a common theme: they make me groan. They send a clear message, in which the woman is some kind of weird sexual force that is alluring and pleasurable.

And I look at this ad and take a deep breath of satisfaction.

There is no man. Period. It’s not about a man. It’s not about sex. She’s not sexually objectified in anyway. This is about skill, daring. She’s dressed with personality. There’s a starry sky and an air of adventure.

Good job, Chanel. Until all your other ads stop depicting mostly naked people, I won’t be terribly impressed. But I wanted to buy this perfume regardless of how it smells just to say thank you. For being the first perfume ad I’ve ever seen that did it right.


One thought on “Chance, by Chanel

  1. Style Domination says:

    Excellent post. I agree. Actually, I find most perfume ads groan-worthy…especially those celebrity perfumes. Do I want to buy a perfumed hocked by a half-naked Britney Spears…that promises that I will smell like a glitter-coated, caramel-vanilla-cotton candy nightmare? No.


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